This course will examine the design, development and implementation of information technology based systems that support managerial and professional work, including Communications-Driven and Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS), Data-Driven DSS, Model-Driven DSS, Document-Driven DSS, and Knowledge-Driven DSS.

Course Objectives

As a result of our work together in this course, you should be  able:

  1. To review and clarify the fundamental terms, concepts and theories associated with Decision Support Systems, computerized decision aids, expert systems, group support systems and executive information systems.
  2. To examine examples and case studies documenting computer support for organizational decision making, and various planning, analysis and control tasks.
  3. To discuss and develop skills in the analysis, design and implementation of computerized Decision Support Systems.
  4. To examine user interface design issues and evaluate the user interfaces and capabilities of Decision Support Systems.
  5. To improve hands-on skills using HTML, Microsoft Access and Excel, and JavaScript for building state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems, especially Web-Based systems that use advanced computing and networking technologies.
  6. To understand that most Decision Support Systems are designed to support rather than replace decision makers and the consequences of this perspective for designing DSS.
  7. To discuss organizational and social implications of Decision Support Systems.
Exams & Quizzes